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4 Key Considerations When Choosing Between Granite and Marble for Kitchen Countertops

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The countertops in your kitchen are used every day, and their style will set off the room as a whole. This means that you need to select your countertops very carefully, and the type of material used will be one of the key considerations during a kitchen renovation. Most homeowners who are willing to spend a little extra in order to enjoy an upscale appearance will find themselves choosing between granite and marble, but it can be quite tricky to come to that final decision.

26 October 2016

Five Tips for Storing Baby and Toddler Stuff

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Your little bub is growing up, and you don't have room to store the baby and toddler stuff in your home. If you aren't ready to get rid of it either, consider putting it in storage. To ensure everything comes out in great condition, keep these tips in mind: 1. Don't store expired car seats. If you have something like a car seat that expires, check the expiration date before putting it in storage.

27 September 2016

3 Ways To Spring Into Your Unit Or Apartment

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Spring is finally here, which means an end to short winter days and cold evenings by the fire. Outside, the birds are busy building their nests and foliage is springing to life. For those who have gardens, spring is a time to enjoy the daffodils, blossoms, wisteria, and other blooms which emerge as the weather warms up. However, if you're in an apartment or unit without a garden, it may be harder to enjoy the fruits of spring.

13 September 2016

5 Tips to Keep Your Cat Out of Your Blinds

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You might see your blinds as an attractive part of your home decor, but to your cat, they can be an exciting toy. Unfortunately, cats can damage blinds or even hurt themselves by playing with blinds. If you want to keep your kitty from tangling with your blinds, use these tips to teach them that blinds are not toys. 1. Tie Up Tempting Blind Cords Many cats regard trailing blind cords as cat toys.

26 August 2016

How to Choose the Right Awning For Your Caravan

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An awning for your caravan can do more than just give you some shade from the midday sun; it can actually increase your living space and help protect items you don't want to store inside. A good awning can mean an added dining area outside your caravan and allow you to wash down your pets before they step inside as well as keep bikes, a barbecue, and other such items out of the rain and other elements.

12 August 2016

Building A New Timber Deck? Tips To Ensure It Does Not Impact On Your Skin Allergies

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Spring is only a few months away, so now is the perfect time to get your new timber deck designed and built ready for the great Aussie outdoor lifestyle. While you are understandably excited about your first building project, as a person with sensitive skin you need to make sure your project does not affect your allergies. These tips will make sure you get the deck you want without making your skin itch.

28 July 2016

How to Spice Up the Appearance of Your Small Kitchen

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Your small kitchen does not have to look dark and crowded if you know how to design it well. This article discusses some changes that you can implement during the next kitchen renovation so that the small kitchen looks large and bright. Get Rid of Clutter One way to spice up your small kitchen is to be mindful about what is visible in that kitchen. You can eliminate all the clutter in your small kitchen by installing appliance garages so that any appliance that isn't currently being used can be hidden from view.

18 July 2016

Construct mini pergolas to enable someone who is wheelchair bound to grow their own fruit

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One of the disadvantages of being wheelchair bound is the inability to bend down to reach the ground easily. Growing and harvesting their own fruit can be an even greater challenge for people in this position. The creative use of garden pots and pergolas will allow you to enable a wheelchair bound person to experience this pleasure, as the fruit is brought within their reach   Choosing the fruits There are a number of fruits that grow on vines, such as granadillas, grapes and kiwi fruit, which need a structure like a pergola to grow on.

29 June 2016

The Big Screen: Three Native Australian Trees Suitable For Privacy Screening

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Personal privacy is perhaps more important now than ever before, and planting dense screening trees in key areas can be an extremely effective way to keep prying eyes fixed elsewhere. However, while traditional screening trees are as useful as ever, there is a lot to be said for using lesser-known, native Australian trees for your vision-blocking needs. Native trees are naturally much more suited to growing in tough Australian soils than foreign imports and are much more adept at enduring the attentions of native wood-boring insects and grubs.

17 June 2016

Renovations Made Easy: 2 Reasons Why A Mini Skip Bin Will Make Cleaning Up Simple


With renovations comes rubbish, and with rubbish comes hassle. When you're in the process of renovating your home, the last thing you want to worry about is where to put the rubbish. In regular circumstances you might have garbage bags stacked with rubbish, with nowhere to put them. The bags are either placed around the home or on the front lawn, causing unwanted mess and hassle. A mini skip bin is the perfect alternative for keeping your home free of garbage bags and mess.

7 June 2016