How to Choose the Right Awning For Your Caravan

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An awning for your caravan can do more than just give you some shade from the midday sun; it can actually increase your living space and help protect items you don't want to store inside. A good awning can mean an added dining area outside your caravan and allow you to wash down your pets before they step inside as well as keep bikes, a barbecue, and other such items out of the rain and other elements. When choosing a new awning for your caravan, you might be surprised at the many options you have; note a few tips for ensuring you make the right investment.


Some awnings are permanent fixtures that you attach to the side of a caravan while some are portable and you need to set them up yourself, like pitching a tent. Note if you can do this yourself or with your traveling companion; a retired couple might struggle more to get a portable awning up and ready than someone with teenagers who can help manage the legs that need to be extended and erected. A permanent awning that is affixed to the side of the caravan might not provide as much shade as it may need to be smaller than a temporary awning, but it can also mean just cranking a handle to get it open and closed.


Usually, you can choose between a canvas awning, polyester, or acrylic. Canvas awnings allow in more light and air so that they may actually be more comfortable on hot days when you appreciate a breeze through your awning. They also dry quickly after a rainfall, and you may find more styles of canvas awnings than any other. However, they may allow in more rain which means they may not be good for those who use their awning to store bikes, a barbecue, and other such items. 

Polyester awnings may be more durable than canvas; if you tend to camp in areas that might experience high winds that could shred a canvas awning, choose polyester. They are also very easy to clean as you usually just need to sponge them down.

Acrylic awnings are typically the most expensive but also the most durable. They often look more rigid; this gives them their added durability as they aren't likely to get damaged in storms or high winds. When choosing the fabric or material, note how often you plan to use your caravan and awning. If you travel often and will be consistently rolling and unrolling your awning, invest in a more durable polyester or acrylic material.

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12 August 2016

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