3 Important Things To Do Before Your Removal

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If you're planning to carry out a removal, planning and preparation is key. It reduces the disorderliness that is often associated with removals. To avoid this, here are three tips on what you can do as you wait for the removal day. The tips below will help save time and help you keep better track of your items during the removal. Get rid of items you don't need As the removal date draws near, it's important to carry out an audit of your items and identify which ones you need to carry with you and which you need to get rid of.

30 December 2014

How to build a wildlife pond in your backyard

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A wildlife pond can be an interesting way to add a water feature to your garden while helping the local ecology. The great thing about wildlife ponds is that they are mostly natural. You simply create the pond and then let nature take its course, meaning that there is little maintenance required. Here is how to build an easy wildlife pond in your backyard in eight easy steps. Decide on the location.

25 November 2014

Roof Restoration Options For Your Home

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As it is exposed to all the weather elements, it is not surprising to find that your house may need roof restoration due to wear and tear. However, before you go out and replace your shingles, you need to know what options are available to you. Perhaps you would like to try something different that will give the exterior of your house a facelift. On the other hand, maybe you were experiencing problems with your previous roof that you would like to avoid once you restore it.

14 November 2014

3 Ways To Make Moving House Easier For Your Child

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Moving house can be a very stressful event, and this is magnified considerably in children. Your child's fear of the unknown, fear of change and the desire to stay in the only home they've ever known, are a few reasons why your child may become anxious or scared at the prospect of moving home. Here are three ways to minimise the stress of moving house for your child. 1. Prevent their exposure to the packing and removal process

11 November 2014

Simple Ways To Maintain Your Garden This Summer

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With the holiday season fast approaching, time is becoming shorter. There is Christmas and the new year to plan for with school holidays fast approaching. With the temperatures rising into the 40's some days, there are few people who want to be standing outside keeping their garden maintained. In all of the chaos, your garden maintenance may fall off the 'things to do' list. This does not have to be the case.

5 November 2014