3 Important Things To Do Before Your Removal

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If you're planning to carry out a removal, planning and preparation is key. It reduces the disorderliness that is often associated with removals. To avoid this, here are three tips on what you can do as you wait for the removal day. The tips below will help save time and help you keep better track of your items during the removal.

Get rid of items you don't need

As the removal date draws near, it's important to carry out an audit of your items and identify which ones you need to carry with you and which you need to get rid of. These are items that will occupy a lot of space during transportation as well as crowd your new home. Common junk items that can be rid off include old broken furniture or broken down appliances. Basically, look for items that you haven't used in months and don't plan on using soon. You can call a trash removal company to come and collect them. Doing so will ease your load during the removal and ensure you don't transfer items you don't need to the new address.

Order packing materials in advance

Most removal companies will provide you with sufficient packing materials before the move. This will include packing boxes, tape and even plastic wrapping for items such as furniture. Make sure you have your packing materials a week before the move. Talk to your removalist in advance so that you get this in time. With your packing materials at hand, you can start packing early and stowing away items that you can do away with such as part of your clothing, stationery, cutlery and utilities. One day before the move, you should have most of your items packed and ready to go. This helps reduce work backlog on the moving day.

Sort your items for easy retrieval

When it comes to packing your items, it's important to have them categorized in a certain order, with those that you need easily accessible. To start with, ensure you have one emergency box that should be the last to go on the moving day. This should contain spare clothes, some cash, toothpaste, medicine and any other items you need. This is the very box you'll need to use first immediately you arrive in the new house. Also remember to mark your boxes well. You don't want to arrive to a new house full of boxes with no idea what is contained where. By marking your boxes well, you get more time to unpack as you can open only what you need as your organize yourself.

With less packing to do on the moving day, you can concentrate on overseeing the removal process. You will also have a less hectic day and enough stamina left to handle the work awaiting you on the other side. Check out companies such as Forster-Tuncurry Removals & Storage Pty Ltd for more information. 


30 December 2014

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