4 Key Considerations When Choosing Between Granite and Marble for Kitchen Countertops

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The countertops in your kitchen are used every day, and their style will set off the room as a whole. This means that you need to select your countertops very carefully, and the type of material used will be one of the key considerations during a kitchen renovation. Most homeowners who are willing to spend a little extra in order to enjoy an upscale appearance will find themselves choosing between granite and marble, but it can be quite tricky to come to that final decision.

Here are four areas to consider when you're making the choice between marble or granite countertops.

1. Appearance

Marble is prized for its appearance. A material that has been used in high-end buildings for centuries, it offers a soft grey-white or cream colour, with dark veins caused by mineral deposits running through the surface, and tends to appear quite smooth and rich.

Granite is much harder than marble, so it provides a shinier, glossier surface. For a truly luxurious appearance, many people prefer marble, though certain polishes and sealants can reduce the glossiness of modern granite.

2. Cost

Most homeowners that are deciding between marble and granite for their kitchen countertops will be willing to spend more for the best materials; these two are pretty much at the top-end of the market. Costs are generally comparable, but marble can be more expensive depending on what type you purchase. This is because specific varieties of marble, often the rarest or most luxurious, must be quarried from certain parts of the world, and those shipping charges can add up. As a rule, a high-end piece of marble will cost more than a high-end piece of granite.

3. Durability

Kitchen countertops need to be able to stand up against plenty of wear. Both materials are quite hard, but granite will win out for homeowners who are concerned with durability. Granite is a lot harder than marble, meaning that it is less susceptible to chipping and scratching. Though both materials are porous, marble is far easier to stain and requires resealing on a more frequent basis.

4. Temperature Control

Both granite and marble are able to diffuse heat quite easily, though you should still exercise caution when placing hot pots and pans directly onto these materials. That said, many people love the fact that marble tends to stay a lot cooler than other countertop materials, including granite. This helps your kitchen stay cool and makes it much nicer and easier to work with breads and pastries. 


26 October 2016

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