Five Tips for Storing Baby and Toddler Stuff

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Your little bub is growing up, and you don't have room to store the baby and toddler stuff in your home. If you aren't ready to get rid of it either, consider putting it in storage. To ensure everything comes out in great condition, keep these tips in mind:

1. Don't store expired car seats.

If you have something like a car seat that expires, check the expiration date before putting it in storage. In some cases, car seats are marked with a date, but in other cases, they don't expire for up to eighteen years unless there is a recall or a safety issue. As a general rule of thumb, you shouldn't use car seats that are more than a decade old if you want your baby to be safe.

Rather than putting something into storage that might not be safe or usable when you take it out, just get rid of it now. Depending on how long it has before it expires, throw it away or donate it.

2. Clean everything before storing it.

Regardless of what you are storing, make sure to clean it before putting it in storage. If there are stains on clothes, the stains may become permanent if you don't scrub them out. Additionally, ground up bits of old food in swings, car seats or other items may attract bugs or rodents. Wash clothes, vacuum furnishings and wet dust all hard surfaces (cups, rattles, etc).

3. Remove batteries from toys.

If your child has any of those delightful toys with lots of electronic bells and whistles, remove the batteries before putting them into storage. Over the long term, batteries may corrode while in storage, ruining those toys.

4. Store clothes in suitcases.

Storing clothes can be tricky. Plastic tote bins can be too airtight which can lead to condensation and unwanted moisture, but cardboard boxes can attract bugs. To strike a balance, consider putting your child's clothing in a suitcase. This keeps out bugs while also allowing the clothing to breathe. Give clothes an extra layer of protection by lining the case with acid-free tissue paper.

5. Organise by age or developmental stage.

Finally, so that the stuff is easy to find when you decide to give it away, sell it or use it for your next child, organise everything by age. For example, put bottles and newborn clothing in the same section of the storage unit, and put sippy cups and toddler toys in another area.


27 September 2016

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