Simple Ways To Maintain Your Garden This Summer

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With the holiday season fast approaching, time is becoming shorter. There is Christmas and the new year to plan for with school holidays fast approaching. With the temperatures rising into the 40's some days, there are few people who want to be standing outside keeping their garden maintained. In all of the chaos, your garden maintenance may fall off the 'things to do' list. This does not have to be the case. Some simple actions can be put in place to help maintain your garden's health and appearance, no matter the size or style.

Timers on your taps: By placing a timer on you taps and watering systems, the need to stand outside watering the whole garden is removed. Simply turn on the timer and tap and the water will stop flowing when the timer runs out, preventing excess water usage.

Dripper systems: Sprinklers and hoses can lose a lot of water from evaporation in the baking Australian heat. By implementing a dripper system in your garden beds, your plants receive a good drenching straight at their root source. This prevention of water loss can also help lower your water bill at the end of each quarter.

Mulching beds and lawn length: Through mulching it is possible to maintain soil moisture in your garden beds and potted plants, lessening the need to water each day. Mulch helps keep the top layer of soil from drying out too quickly, keeping your plants' root systems damp. Some also believe that letting the lawn grow a little longer in summer can help it to keep its health and appealing appearance.

Slow release fertiliser and wetting agents: Through the addition of a good quality fertiliser and wetting agent every six months, potted plants can remain healthier throughout the summer. The extra nutrients and water found in these agents give the plants a boost of energy to get them through the high temperatures.

Travel: If you are not able to find someone to water your garden, give it a big drink before you leave and add some extra mulch to help it get through. You can fill a large soft drink bottle with water and punch a hole in the lid. Place one upside down in each pot and the water will slowly drip through keep pots watered or place pots in large troughs filled with water.

Garden maintenance does not have to be a tedious experience for yourself or your budget this holiday season. Through the implementation of these simple tips your time can be spent preparing for the holiday season and having a pleasant holiday. All the while, you can enjoy the appearance of your healthy garden.


5 November 2014

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Hello. My name is Dean and this is my home and garden blog. Last year, I decided I needed to improve the look of my home. I visited several home and garden centres and various different shops but I just couldn't find the items I wanted. I had this dream of creating a really cool and funky look based on an African design I had seen. My friend suggested that I customise the items to create the look I wanted and began to give me some lessons. I really enjoyed the process and I learnt a lot about how to improve your home and garden.