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As it is exposed to all the weather elements, it is not surprising to find that your house may need roof restoration due to wear and tear. However, before you go out and replace your shingles, you need to know what options are available to you. Perhaps you would like to try something different that will give the exterior of your house a facelift. On the other hand, maybe you were experiencing problems with your previous roof that you would like to avoid once you restore it. Here are some roof restoration options for your home that you could consider.

Concrete roof restoration

Concrete is comprised of sand and cement that have been mixed in water. If mixed properly, these types of tiles can last for decades without a hitch. If you opt for concrete roof restoration, there are three types of tiles that you could choose. The flat profile tile is completely flat. The low profile tile has a slight curve indented on it. Lastly, the high profile tile that has the most dramatic curve. The benefits of concrete roof restoration is that the tiles are fire resistant. In addition to this, they are quite strong, making them durable. However, they are a tad expensive.

Terracotta roof restoration

Terracotta tiles are made from clay. These types of tiles are also long lasting with a lifespan of about a century. Terracotta is typically used in housing located at the coast as they are resistant to being damaged by salt. In addition to this, they offer thermal insulation, which means your house remains cool even when the weather is sweltering hot. Another advantage of terracotta roof restoration is the tiles are fire resistant. These types of tiles come in a variety of colors so you are spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting something to complement the overall appearance of your home. One thing to note though is that these tiles should be installed with care. If they fall or are hit by heavy objects, they will disintegrate.

Steel roof restoration

If you were looking to be energy-efficient, steel roof restoration would be a good option for you. The tiles keep the home insulated thus saving on your heating and cooling utility bills. They are also eco-friendly as they are usually made from steel that has been recycled. However, these tiles tend to be quite noisy during the rainy season.

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14 November 2014

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