How to Spice Up the Appearance of Your Small Kitchen

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Your small kitchen does not have to look dark and crowded if you know how to design it well. This article discusses some changes that you can implement during the next kitchen renovation so that the small kitchen looks large and bright.

Get Rid of Clutter

One way to spice up your small kitchen is to be mindful about what is visible in that kitchen. You can eliminate all the clutter in your small kitchen by installing appliance garages so that any appliance that isn't currently being used can be hidden from view. The reduced crowding on the countertops will create an impression that the kitchen is larger than it actually is.

Look at the Walls Differently

Another way to use a small kitchen maximally is to recess cabinetry in the walls. Such an installation will make the renovated kitchen to be less crowded since there will be very little protruding from the walls. This will create ample space for you to move about as you use the kitchen.

Minimise Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware, such as door handles, can draw attention to the crowded appearance of a small kitchen. You should therefore try to limit how much cabinetry hardware that you use during the kitchen renovation. Opt for open shelving so that there is no need to pull cabinet doors as you retrieve or store different items. You can also choose a cabinet style that does not require cabinet door handles.

Exploit the Advantages of Colour

Another element that you can use to make your small kitchen to appear larger is colour. For instance, you should pick light colours, such as white, for the kitchen walls. Such colours will reflect most of the light in the room so that the kitchen looks larger than it is. You may also consider picking reflective appliances and materials, such as stainless steel countertops. Those reflective materials will help to disperse any light that strikes them so that an illusion of expansiveness is created in your small kitchen.

Use Glass

The careful use of glass during a kitchen renovation can also help to make a small kitchen to look bigger. For instance, you can install a glass splashback and glass fronts for cabinets. That transparent material will create an impression of endlessness within your small kitchen.

As you can see, there are nearly limitless ways to make a small kitchen to look larger. You should therefore find an experienced kitchen designer so that he or she suggests cost-effective kitchen installation measures that you can implement in order to put that small kitchen to good use.


18 July 2016

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