Renovations Made Easy: 2 Reasons Why A Mini Skip Bin Will Make Cleaning Up Simple


With renovations comes rubbish, and with rubbish comes hassle. When you're in the process of renovating your home, the last thing you want to worry about is where to put the rubbish. In regular circumstances you might have garbage bags stacked with rubbish, with nowhere to put them. The bags are either placed around the home or on the front lawn, causing unwanted mess and hassle. A mini skip bin is the perfect alternative for keeping your home free of garbage bags and mess. 

A typical mini skip bin can hold between 35-40 garbage bags, which is perfect during home renovations. Here are two reasons why you should look to hire a mini skip bin when renovating your property:

1.  A Sturdy Bin - Less Hassle

Most skip bins are made of a strong metal material such as steel. This is greatly beneficial during home renovations when you are trying to discard sharp or jagged material. A sturdy mini skip bin is perfect when you're throwing out materials such as concrete, metal and glass. If you try to discard these types of materials in a regular recycle bin, you could potentially cause injury to yourself, or cause damage to your bin.  Along with this, you can fit a lot more rubbish into a skip bin, which saves you time and hassle. To add to this, many skip bins have wheel barrow access, which is a god-send when it comes to discarding heavy trash. With wheel barrow access, it makes it much easier to load up the bin and saves you time and energy. 

2. Collection is simple

When you're done with your renovations, and you've filled up your skip bin, arranging collection is simple. As an example, you could arrange to have the skip bin on your front lawn. Once the bin is full, it can be collected directly off your property, with no mess left behind. However, if you're using a skip bag or a regular plastic bin, it is likely that there will be some damage and wear, which makes regular rubbish collection a hazard. Because a skip bin is typically made of a strong metal material, it is virtually impossible to damage. Along with this, you know exactly where your rubbish is, which saves you time from moving around bins and garbage bags.

Renovations are exciting; rubbish isn't. By having a sturdy skip bin on your premise, you can save yourself plenty of time and hassle. For more information, contact a bin hire company in your area.


7 June 2016

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