Five Tips to Reduce the Dust on Your Blinds

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Unfortunately, blinds can harbour a lot of dust, and they are not the easiest thing to clean. Luckily, there are many things you can do to reduce the amount of dust that ends up on your blinds. Here are some tips to help you:

1. Choose wood, acrylic or plastic blinds.

Wood, plastic and acrylic blinds can get dusty, but they are easier to clean than fabric blinds. The dust just sits on the top of these surfaces, rather than infiltrating it. In contrast, when dust gets on fabric blinds, it can easily embed itself in the fibres of the fabric and be very hard to remove. Check out luxaflex blinds to see your different material options.

2. Opt for vertical blinds.

In addition to staying away from fabric blinds and opting for a hard surface, consider choosing vertical blinds. Dust settles on horizontal surfaces rather than vertical surfaces. Essentially, this is why you dust your tabletops and not your walls.

3. Close your windows strategically to avoid dust.

A lot of dust comes in from the outside, and the more your windows are open, the dustier your blinds will get. If you want to drastically reduce the dust on your blinds, leave your windows closed all the time. Alternatively, close them strategically.

For example, if you live on a gravel road, close your windows when traffic is most likely to come by in the mornings or evenings. Similarly, close your windows on days when a lot of wind is forecast, especially if it has not rained in a long time and there is a lot of extra dust outside.

4. Minimise the dust in the rest of the room.

If you stay on top of the dust in the other items in the room, it will reduce the amount of dust that is likely to get on your blinds. Ideally, you should vacuum your carpets and dust your furniture on a regular basis. You can also reduce dust levels by lowering the amount of fabric in the room -- for example, carpets tend to harbour more dust than hardwood floors. Similarly, unnecessary throw pillows and blankets can also harbour dust.

5. Invest in dust removal tools for your blinds.

While you can reduce dust, it is impossible to eliminate it completely. Because of that, you need to invest in dust cleaning tools for your blinds. A dust brush to attach to your vacuum can work well. Alternatively, you can buy tools made for dusting blinds -- they look like a set of tongs with a microfibre cloth attached to each side. To dust, you just place the tool around the slats and rub off the dust.



23 May 2016

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