Pet Pains: How to Remove Pet Stains from Your Carpet

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Having pets around the house can be a lot of fun, but it isn't so much fun when accidents happen. Your pet might walk around with muddy paws, have an accident before they reach the litter tray or vomit up their food. When disasters like this strike, don't panic, just follow the easy and eco friendly steps outlined below to quickly remove pet stains from your carpet.

Things you will need:

  • A paper towel
  • Water
  • Vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  • Brush
  • Vacuum Cleaner

Blot It Out

You should take action as soon as you spot a stain. The longer the stain soaks into your carpet the more difficult it will be to remove successfully. Firstly, you should blot the stain with a paper towel. Do not rub the stain as this will only spread and engrain it further into the fabric of the carpet. If the paper towel becomes saturated, you should replace it with a fresh towel and continue to blot the stain. You should only stop blotting when the stain begins to feel dry.

Apply Vinegar Solution

In a bucket or bowl, mix together a 50/50 solution of water and vinegar. You should then soak the stained area in this solution. The vinegar will help to break up a stubborn stain and ensures that it is fully lifted from the carpet. The vinegar will also help to neutralise any ammonia in pet urine, eliminating bad odours. If this does not remove the stain, you should repeat the process using a pure vinegar solution.

Sprinkle Baking Soda

While the stain is still wet, you should sprinkle a liberal amount of baking soda over the area. As the baking soda reacts with the vinegar you will see and hear it start to crackle and fizz. Rub the baking soda into the stain using a brush to ensure it goes deep down into the fibre of the carpet. Leave the baking soda to rest overnight. In the morning, check that the baking soda is completely dry before using your vacuum cleaner to lift it from the carpet. Once you have removed the baking soda, the stain should be gone and your carpet should be as good as new.

If you are having trouble with a particularly stubborn pet stain, it might be time to call in a professional carpet cleaning company who will be able to use industrial cleaning methods to steam and clean your floor.


26 April 2016

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