Different Types of Persian Rug Repair

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Oriental rugs are not just functional, but are forms of artwork too. This is why it is not uncommon to find them passed down generations as a family heirloom. However, just as other types of carpets, Persian rugs are not immune to wear and tear over time. The extent of the damage will depend on different factors such as the exposure to foot traffic and how intensive your rug cleaning methods are. Nevertheless, if your rug has acquired some damage, you could have it repaired if it is not too badly off. Here are some different types of Persian rug repairs that you can get.

Fringe repairs on your Persian rug

Since the fringe is located at the perimeter of the rug, it tends to be the first part that starts acquiring damage. When it comes to fringe repairs, it is always best to undertake them as soon as you notice a problem as it could easily unravel completely. Additionally, if fringe damage is not remedied in time, it eventually makes its way into the pile and this could be more expensive to repair. If fringe damages are caught in time, the only repairs they may need is adding a bit more fringe then securing it to prevent further unraveling. However  if the damage has extended to the pile, then the process will involve creating additional foundation for the carpet This will be followed by lengthening of the fringe while re-knotting any pile that may have been lost due to damage.

Selvages repairs on your Persian rug

Another common type of damage to Persian rugs is selvage damage. This is when the binding, referred to as the selvage, of the rug comes apart. When a Persian rug is being woven, the process is done from side to side. Once the end point is reached, the rug weaver will then bind this endpoint to ensure that the knot does not unravel. This binding is also essential for the rug to maintain its shape. Over time, the binding may start becoming loose and this is when the selvage begins to come apart. The sooner selvage repairs are carried out the better because the longer the damage is left undeterred, the lower the chances of salvaging your Persian rug.

Low pile restoration on your Persian rug

Rugs that are exposed to high foot traffic eventually develop areas that will be of low pile. Generally, these low pile areas tend to simply be unsightly and do not pose much risk to the integrity of your rug. However, when the low pile areas start to expose the foundation of the rug, then it would be best to take the Persian rug for repairs. Repairs for this typically constitute re-piling of the rug. It should be noted though that the new pile might not match the exact shade of colour of your rug, especially if the rug has faded over the years. 


30 March 2016

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