Reasons to Purchase Resin Wicker Furniture


When creating an outdoor living space, one of the main concerns to have is the type of furniture you would like to use. Typically, homeowners tend to opt for wood as this complements the overall rustic feel of being outdoors. However, wood furniture will need extensive care and maintenance if it is being constantly exposed to the changing weather elements. If you are looking for a material that is much more convenient, you should consider outdoor wicker furniture. Here are some of the reasons why resin wicker furniture will gel well with any type of al fresco living space.

Resin wicker furniture is durable

Although regular wicker furniture is designed for outdoor use, high temperature and moisture eventually tend to make its reeds brittle and they start to come apart. The good news though is that modern outdoor wicker furniture is not made purely out of this material. Resin moulded wicker furniture that has been coated with resin. This resin makes the furniture more durable as it can better withstand exposure to UV rays, high moisture levels and more. Additionally, it is also stain resistant so you do not have to worry about the appearance of your wicker being compromised by spills. Resin wicker has quick drying properties, thus protecting it from developing rot. You can now rest assured that your outdoor furniture would be safe, even in the event of an impromptu shower!

Resin wicker furniture is easily movable

When it comes to outdoor furniture, you need to opt for something that can be easily shuffled around. Outdoors spaces tend to get dirty quite often, and you would not like your furniture impeding your cleaning efforts. With resin wicker furniture, you do not need to round up additional helping hands to enable you to shuffle the furniture around when cleaning the living space. Additionally, since the furniture is lightweight, you can always experiment with seating arrangements. For instance, if you have more guests than you were anticipating, you can easily shuffle around the furniture to incorporate more chairs from indoors without it being an inconvenience.

Resin wicker furniture is easy to maintain

Resin moulded wicker is highly resistant to stains. This is because the resin provides a protective coating on the wicker reed, so you do not have to worry about them absorbing wine, food stains and more. This means that the furniture requires minimal efforts to keep it clean. All that would be required of you would be to occasionally hose it down to eliminate dust. This can be followed up with simple wipe down. Since resin moulded wicker is fast drying, you will be able to use your seats in the shortest time possible. 


19 February 2016

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