2 Unusual House Design Features That Will Create The Wow Factor On A Budget

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Modern house design has come a long way in recent years, and many people are no longer content with standard house designs that look almost identical to all the other houses in the suburb. Unfortunately, having a unique, striking, and interesting home built can often mean a big price tag. However, with a bit of ingenuity and the use of features which may not have been used traditionally for house design, you can create a home which holds its own against more expensive designer houses. Here are two budget-friendly ideas you may like to consider.

Garage roller doors

Modern homes often include the ability to completely open the home to access outdoor areas and create a flow from inside living to outside living. Usually, this will take the form of expensive bi-fold doors. A far cheaper option is to use garage roller doors. This will allow you to open your house up to the outside world with the flick of a remote control.They are inexpensive, come in a huge range, and are very quick and easy to install.

Garage roller doors are an excellent choice if you like a slightly edgy, industrial feel to your home design. If you like the idea but are not so keen on using metal garage doors, then timber doors may be a more suitable option. These will give you an attractive timber feature wall in your living space and also provide better insulation and sound proofing than metal doors.

If you're concerned about limiting the light in your living space, then garage roller doors with built-in clear panels are a good idea. These Perspex panels will allow plenty of natural light into your home while still providing you with all the benefits of a completely removable wall.

For more information, contact The Roller Door Doctor or a similar company.

Shipping containers

Shipping containers are becoming a very popular option in construction and are used for everything from homes to restaurants. Their popularity is due to the fact that they are inexpensive, strong, incredibly versatile, and a completely recycled product.

In home design, they are strong enough to stack upon each other, which allows you to get very creative with angles, cantilevering, varying levels, and small, quirky spaces between each container. These features are often part of the attraction with architect designed homes. Using shipping containers means that you get the dramatic effects without the hefty budget.

Shipping container homes are also popular because they are very gentle on the environment compared to standard housing. There is no need for elaborate concrete foundations, with only a few small cement footings required for each ground level container. The containers are also moved into by cranes, which means the ground surrounding your home will not be torn up by machinery and vehicles.


19 February 2016

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Hello. My name is Dean and this is my home and garden blog. Last year, I decided I needed to improve the look of my home. I visited several home and garden centres and various different shops but I just couldn't find the items I wanted. I had this dream of creating a really cool and funky look based on an African design I had seen. My friend suggested that I customise the items to create the look I wanted and began to give me some lessons. I really enjoyed the process and I learnt a lot about how to improve your home and garden.