Which Type of Basic Lawn Mower Best Suits You?

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Unless you want to spend hundreds a year to hire a professional lawn mower, chances are you'll need to own a lawn mower yourself. Whether you're looking to buy your first lawn mower or simply upgrade, it can be hard choosing between particular lawn mowers when there are so many types to choose from. When choosing what type of lawn mower to buy, it's best to know what type suits your lawn and mowing habits. So, what are these types and their particular specialities?

The Manual Push Mower

The common manual push mower is a simple yet effective choice for people with small lawns and budgets. With blades that spin as the mower is pushed, this mower requires no fuel, is environmentally friendly, and offers an opening for light aerobic exercise. Also, the mower's composition of but a few simple moving parts offers high dependability and low repair costs, which will likely be only rarely necessary. However, you may run into trouble with this mower if your lawn is particularly uneven, if you mow only a few times a year, or if you don't have the ability to walk at a constant, brisk pace for the duration of your mowing.

The Fuelled Push Mower

Fuelled push mowers are a great choice for those with small to medium budgets and lawns. Fuelled by either electricity or gasoline, the fuelled push mower still needs to be pushed, but requires less energy and often less time than the manual push mower. Also, the more modern electricity-fuelled option is great for those who like to keep their mowing quiet and environmentally friendly. However, the fuelled push mower, having many more moving parts, is much more likely to need repairs and maintenance than the manual push mower, and also may encounter troubles with significantly uneven lawns.

The Self-Propelled Mower

Great for people with medium sized budgets and lawns, self-propelled mowers are often very similar to fuelled push mowers, with the primary difference being that they don't require pushing. With an engine that propels the mower's wheels forward, all you'd need to do while using this mower is manoeuvre it.

The Riding Mower

If you have a medium, large, or huge lawn, you should definitely consider a riding mower. Offering comfort and speed unlike any other type of mower, the riding mower can also typically handle a large number of lawn types, such as high degrees of sloping and neglection, much better than the other mowers on this list. Though they're often the most expensive type of lawn mower, riding mowers come in a large number of varieties, so you can choose one to suit your budget and lawn perfectly. 


26 January 2016

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