The Benefits of Using Tinted Window Film

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If you are a home owner, there is no doubt that you want to keep your house in pristine condition so that it's the most comfortable place for you and your family to live, and also to retain or even enhance its resale price. One simple but effective thing that you can do in your home is to put layers of tinted film over your glass windows. This saves you from having to replace existing panels of glass with tinted glass, and the result is just as effective.

But what exactly are the benefits of putting a tinted film over your windows?

Keep your furnishings looking brand new. Moving into a new home is an exciting time because you can pick out all of the home furnishings that you really love. But in sunny Australia, the harsh glare of ultraviolet rays through your windows will soon find its way to your carpets, rugs, and upholstery, and distort their vibrant colour. Tinted films, however, often have UV protection built right into the material so your beautiful furnishings are protected from the harsh glare of the sun to minimise fading.

Protect your skin. Nowadays, everybody is advised to wear sun protection on their skin whenever they leave the home. Considering that Australian summers are getting hotter each year, it is definitely wise to heed this advice. People forget, however, that their skin is also exposed to ultraviolet rays when they are inside their homes with the air conditioning cranked up. Considering that ultraviolet exposure can lead to sunburn, premature ageing, and skin cancer, it is well worth investing in tinted film for your glass windows to protect the health of you and your family.

Energy saving. Blocking extreme sunlight from getting into your home also has amazing effects on your utility bills. The protective layer of film will act as a barrier not only for light, but for heat as well. This means that your home will stay cooler in those warm Australian summer months and you won't need to spend nearly as much running your air conditioning unit.

No more television glare. Although this might not be the primary reason you decide to invest in tinted window film, the benefit is still very much appreciated by a lot of people. How many times have you tried to watch the big game or enjoy a lazy Sunday movie but struggled because the glare coming through your windows is just too bright? With tinted film placed on top of your glass panels, this is no longer an issue. 


31 December 2015

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