Tips to Keep In Mind When Using Magnets to Install a Fly Screen

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Some people complain that it is very hard for them to use sticky tape to install their fly screens when they want to enjoy the summer air without letting insects into their homes. Magnets offer an easier way to install and then remove fly screens. This article discusses some helpful tips that you should keep in mind while using magnets to install a fly screen.

Countersink the Magnets

People who install fly screens using magnets may find it hard to clean the fly screen because the magnets get in the way, or they keep trapping grease/debris. The best way to keep this from happening to you is to countersink the magnets. Countersinking refers to boring a hole in the frame so that once the magnets are in place, they are at the same level as the rest of the surface/frame. The magnets will still hold the fly screen door in place while taking up very little space.

Check the Polarity of the Magnets

Some over-confident DIYers neglect to check the polarity of the magnets at each step of the installation process. The result is that they may discover (after completing the installation process) that they installed the window frame magnets wrong, and now those magnets are pushing against the fly screen. Avoid making this mistake by testing the polarity of the window frame magnets against the fly-screen frame magnets so that you are sure that they attract each other. You can conduct this test by bringing the magnets in the fly screen close to the window frame before you make the final adjustments (such as trimming the frame to size) to the fly screen.

Use Foam Rubber

The magnets may move uncontrollably within the horizontal frames of the window if you do not find a way to limit that movement. An easy way to control how much the magnets move is to use pieces of foam (such as foam rubber). Insert that foam into either end of the horizontal frame so that the magnets cannot move beyond the points where the foam rubber is located.

Use the tips above when installing your fly screen and it will be very easy for you to take down, or restore the fly screen as the seasons change. You can seek for additional help from the supplier of your safety doors, such as Menai Blinds Pty Ltd, in case you run into any complications that you cannot resolve as you install the fly screens.


2 November 2015

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