4 High-Tech Gadgets For Your Bathroom Renovation

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Remodelling your bathroom has never been so exciting. Not only are there a wide variety of on-trend looks at your disposable, there are also high-tech gadgets now available for bathrooms. You may not think there's much need for technology in the bathroom, but these four gadgets will make your bathroom experience easier and more fun.

1. Smart shower heads

Installing a water-saving shower head is a basic requirement for creating a water efficient home these days. However, new models of shower heads take your humble shower to the next level. Not only are these shower heads water efficient, they will also display how many litres of water you used during your shower. On some models, you can even program in each user's ideal water temperature, which will eliminate the need for fiddling around with the taps and cut down your shower time.

2. Smart lighting systems

Gone are the days when a single fluorescent strip light illuminated your bathroom with unflattering light. Modern lighting systems offer a variety of lights that will suit your requirements. You can have a range of lighting, from bright, sunlight style light for applying make-up or shaving, to a gently diffused light to create ambience when you're soaking in the tub. You can even install sensor lighting, which detects when someone enters the bathroom and switches on the light, then turns it off again when the bathroom is empty.

3. Self-defogging mirrors

One of the biggest time-wasters in the morning can be waiting for the steam to dissipate and your mirror to de-fog so that you can use your mirror while getting ready. Fortunately, help is at hand with electric, self-defogging mirrors. These mirrors are embedded with small heated coils, which will evaporate the stream in seconds, shaving valuable minutes off your morning or bedtime bathroom rituals.

4. Waterproof sound systems

Music devices and bathrooms have never been a very good mix. This is because of the risk of electrocution from devices being exposed to water and the havoc that steam and heat wreak on electrical goods. The good news is that there are now speakers available that are completely waterproof and can be installed in your shower. They connect wirelessly to your computer or MP3 player, allowing you to enjoy your favourite tunes while showering or taking a relaxing bath.

These high-tech bathroom gadgets are sure to appeal to even the most die-hard tech lover. Most of these gadgets will require the services of both a plumber and an electrician. It's best to get the electrician in to do the wiring first, then the plumber can install all of the non-electrical gadgets. The plumber will also need to ensure that all of the electrical gadgets are sealed appropriately and won't be affected by moisture from your new bathroom.

For more information about your renovation options, contact local plumbing services.


23 October 2015

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