What to Consider When Choosing a Security Door for Your Home

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A security door can go a long way toward increasing the safety of your home and its occupants, as a security door is more reinforced than standard doors so it's more difficult to simply kick in or pry open. Before you choose a security door, either a security screen door, as an inside door behind a screen door, or as the only door to an entryway, note a few important considerations first. This will ensure you get one that works with your home and that serves your security needs.

1. Replaceable panels

If you're choosing a security screen door that will be outside the door to your entryway, consider getting one with replaceable panels. This will allow you to put in security screens during the summer months so you can open the inside door and allow in fresh air and sunlight. During wintertime, you can then replace the panels with reinforced, security glass that will keep out the cold air and help insulate the home.

2. Choose a material according to the climate

Most security doors will be made of very thick and durable wood or a type of metal. Choose according to your climate, not just appearance. Wood may tend to expand in very humid areas or fade in direct sunlight, so it may not be the right choice for the tropics. Steel and aluminum are very sturdy but they may rust over time and when exposed to high levels of humidity so they too may not be the right choice for tropical environments or areas where snow may pile up on the door. Fiberglass may be a better choice for extreme climates as this won't corrode or rust in any environment.

3. Don't advertise

If many homes in your neighborhood have security doors, then yours may not stand out. However, if you have the only security door to a home's entryway on the entire street, you may be advertising to potential thieves that you have something valuable inside. Rather than choosing a steel door or a security screen with bars, opt for a wood door that doesn't advertise itself as being a security door, or a metal door covered with a wood veneer. For the screen, choose one with a tight mesh so you don't need bars. A potential intruder may not even realize that these are security doors and may not be tempted to break in just to see what you're trying to hide.


25 September 2015

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