How To Quickly & Easily Rejuvenate Your Bathroom: On A Budget!

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It's easy to get a bit fed up with the same old surroundings day in and day out, but a full makeover for any room in your home can be a costly route to pursue. There's nothing like the luxury of a fresh new bathroom suite for enjoying a nice long bath or shower, but a complete overhaul is not always a practical or financially viable option. If you would like a fresh bathroom environment, but you're on a tight budget, consider making the following changes and additions to your bathroom – that won't break the bank!

Replace Old Fittings

Old taps can become surprisingly worn through general usage, and become pretty uninspiring to look at. Consider replacing old taps with sleek and modern brushed steel fittings to add a new sheen to your bathroom. These are available in lever style, which are also easier to use for older people with lessened dexterity. Form and function really do go hand-in-hand! Similarly, while a new shower head can simply be more aesthetically pleasing, certain designs can also improve water pressure significantly without changing the shower itself. Contact your local store and ask for a flow boosting showerhead for more satisfying showers.

Create A Theme

It is possible to create a consistent and elegant theme for your bathroom without replacing any major fixtures or fittings, by simply switching your old bathroom accessories for some fresh new ones! Consider stoneware bathroom sets for a rustic, Spanish villa feel. Heavy stone soap dishes, in addition to wall-mounted toilet roll and candle holders, can be purchased relatively inexpensively but will still give your bathroom an air of luxury and indulgence.

Add Some Colour

Perhaps the cheapest and easiest option of all: add some colour with towels, bath mats and bathroom rugs! Nothing changes the feel of a room faster than an injection of colour, and evidence suggests that colour has a notable impact on one's mood. Adding some red floor mats or towels to your bathroom adds a feeling of warmth and luxury, which can easily be switched out for more neutral colours when the mood strikes you. Try different colours, and different combinations of colours, for a bathroom that you can reinvent at the drop of a hat. High-quality mats are relatively inexpensive and will certainly improve the look and feel of your bathroom in an instant. Have fun, and prepare to be amazed at the difference a few dollars can make!


11 September 2015

Custom Made Items For Your Home and Garden

Hello. My name is Dean and this is my home and garden blog. Last year, I decided I needed to improve the look of my home. I visited several home and garden centres and various different shops but I just couldn't find the items I wanted. I had this dream of creating a really cool and funky look based on an African design I had seen. My friend suggested that I customise the items to create the look I wanted and began to give me some lessons. I really enjoyed the process and I learnt a lot about how to improve your home and garden.