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Beds are an integral part of giving hotel rooms their luxurious appeal, so it's natural that you want to replicate that same plush feel in your bedroom. Recreating luxurious beds isn't as difficult as you think ­­ –– use these simple tips to get a hotel bed in your home and lie in the lap of luxury every time.

Find a Comfortable, Medium-to-Firm Mattress

Most people believe that they can get hotel-style comfort by getting the softest mattresses possible. Debunking that perception, extra soft mattresses can negatively affect a person's overall health and sleep –– this is because you tend to sink into them, which affects your posture and blood flow in the long run. In comparison, medium-to-firm mattresses for beds give your spine proper support –– this not only gives you a good night's sleep, but it also ensures that you don't suffer from backaches and other pains later. Make sure you choose a comfortable medium-to-firm mattress for both health and luxury.

Choose Your Sheet Style 

You'll want to find sheets that are comfortable, based on your personal preferences. For example, if you like the crisp feel of sheets, you'll want to get low thread count cotton sheets. If you want sheets with a softer feel, you'll want to choose cotton sheets with higher thread counts. A thread count is the number of threads that can be woven together in a small area. The fabric is softer if more threads are woven together (high thread counts). While stores sell sheets in a variety of colours, you'll need to stick to whites and neutrals, if you want your bed to resemble a hotel.

Create Layers

For home beds to resemble hotel beds, you'll need to think in terms of different layers. At the bottom, you will need to place a fitted sheet around your mattress. Next, you'll want to add a top sheet, which is folded at the headrest section to give you room to maneuver yourself into. This is the bottom comforter. Then add a blanket, duvet or comforter above this top sheet layer to give your bed a comfortably fluffy feel. Make sure these layers are fitted well into the mattress to give the bed a neat finish. Once you've fitted your sheets and covers, you can add pillows and cushions. When choosing your pillows, think of how luxurious you want them to feel. Fill your bed with as many pillows as you like for comfort and décor.

Choose a Good Comforter Set

When choosing a duvet or comforter set, be sure to pick colours and patterns that resonate with the theme of your room. Make sure the material feels comfortable and soft against your skin, before buying them. Be sure to choose weather-appropriate comforters for the ultimate luxury. For example, you don't want to buy heavy comforters for the hotter Queensland or Northern Territory climates.

Use these simple tips to give home beds the same luxurious feel of hotel beds. For more information about buying beds and mattresses in your area, visit sites like


27 August 2015

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