Important Tips to Keep In Mind When Installing LPG Cylinders in Your Motorhome

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One accessory needed for new motorhomes is an LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) cylinder. This cylinder is important because it will provide all the fuel you need to cook when you are on the road. This article discusses some important tips you should bear in mind as you buy those cylinders.

Buy Refillable Cylinders

There are two options of LPG cylinders on the market. You can buy those that need to be swapped when they are empty or you can buy those that you can refill at any station without being limited to the specific company from which you bought the cylinders. The refillable version is much better. This is because you can never predict where you will travel in your motorhome. A refillable cylinder ensures that you will not have compatibility issues when you are in an area whose LPG provider has cylinders that are incompatible with your current cylinders.

Measure the Gas Locker

Never make the mistake of buying LPG cylinders without first measuring the gas locker of your new motorhome. This is because the cylinders may not fit in the available space. You should measure the locker so that you buy cylinders when you are sure that both will fit in the locker. If fitting two cylinders is not possible, then buy one large LPG tank (horizontal LPG container) that can occupy the entire locker. It is risky to buy one small cylinder because you may run out of gas frequently.

Never Forget the Holders

LPG cylinders are very heavy, so they need to be held in place by the holders in your motorhome. The cylinder will move about if it is not held in place and it may damage the body of your motorhome. Strap in the cylinder and check the condition of the holders regularly, for instance before you go on any trip in your motorhome.

Avoid Installing a Remote Tank

Some owners of motorhomes buy a very large LPG tank and install it in a location that is different from the gas locker. This drives up the cost of installing that tank because you have to buy extra lengths of gas hoses in order to run them to your kitchen. You must also incur the cost of custom-fitting holders for that tank. Avoid these added expenses by buying cylinders (vertical LPG containers) that fit in the gas locker.

You will never cut a trip short due to gas shortages if you use the tips above as you accessorise your new motorhome.


6 July 2015

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