3 Fabric Considerations for Window Curtains

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Curtains deliver an excellent choice as window treatments for their versatility in style and functionality. Not only do curtains upscale the appearance of a room, but they also prevent excess sunlight from entering and fading the interiors of your room. Curtain fabrics are available in a myriad of styles, colours, patterns and textures, depending on your personal style and preference. Here are some fabric considerations when it comes to choosing window curtains. 

Lightweight Fabrics

Lightweight curtain fabrics incite an airy and subtle feeling to any room with its casual appeal and trendy finish. Lightweight fabrics are generally the most affordable for homeowners and are great choices for everyday use in bedrooms and kitchens. Lightweight fabrics are susceptible to movement—especially when open windows invite breeze to enter the room.

Fabrics like silk, muslin, linen, cotton and challis fall into the lightweight category and are generally more suitable for rooms that compel a casual appearance. Custom curtains from lightweight fabrics are extremely popular with homeowners, because they can be weaved into a myriad of patterns and textures. They can also be easily washed by hand or in a washing machine, requiring minimal effort at no cost.

Medium-weight Fabrics

Medium weight fabrics craft a more sophisticated appearance for the room, often delivering high quality textures, colours and designs to elevate the look of any room. Medium weight curtain fabrics are perhaps the most versatile choice, because they add classiness to almost every room in the house—whether they are meant for bedrooms, lounges or even kitchens.

Fabrics like denim, damask and brocade fall into the medium weight category. Some fabrics like denim and damask are easy to machine wash, elaborately woven fabrics like brocade are best given for dry cleaning.

Heavyweight Fabrics

Heavyweight fabrics for curtains often present the most distinguished look in the house, but they are also the most difficult to care for as they require dry cleaning for their regular upkeep. That's why heavyweight fabrics are usually reserved for special occasions or they are restricted to the formal rooms of the home.

Heavyweight fabrics include velvet, chenille and tapestry. Bear in mind that because of the heaviness of their weight, they generally don't fold well when brought together. Heavyweight fabrics are good for keeping the sunlight away from the interiors of the home.

When choosing fabric for curtains, consider the existing appearance of your room and the casual or formal look you're trying to achieve and choose a fabric that resonates your personal taste and style. 


10 June 2015

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