Top Six Threats That May Affect Your Interstate House Move


If you're getting ready to make a long-distance move to another state in Australia you've got plenty of work on your plate. You need to pack all your belongings and arrange for transportation, but you've also got to be careful to ensure that you don't transport prohibited goods. There are many different quarantine laws around the country designed to stop the spread of pests and diseases and the cross-border laws should be checked for your specific route. However, what are some of the biggest threats facing Australia, to which you could unknowingly contribute? It is likely that you may never have heard of these particular pests or diseases, but these are the six "most wanted" on the terrorist list.

The Green Snail

These snails tend to set up home in a variety of different outdoor plants and can often hitch a ride when you are moving your collection. There are known for causing damage to a wide range of plants including cereal crops, pasture grasses, leafy vegetables and native plants.

Queensland Fruit Fly

You should never take fresh fruits across any border, or consider carrying them during your move for refreshment purposes. Unfortunately, tomatoes and other fresh fruits are great hosts for the fruit fly. Infestation occurs when larvae get into the growing crops and this can significantly affect local production.

Grape Phylloxera

This is an an aphid that lives in the soil and is a particular threat to grapefruit roots. It can cause vines to wither and die and significantly affect viticulturists.

European House Borer

This miniscule pest can live in pine furniture and despite its diminutive size can cause major structural damage during a building infestation. Its similar in many respects to a domestic termite, but more difficult to contain.

Potato Cyst Nematode

This pest lives in soil or within the bark of trees and is known to cause issues when it infests the roots of tomatoes, potatoes or other similar crops. Annual yields can be significantly affected during an outbreak.

Red Fire Ant

The fire ant makes its home in mulch, soil, potted plants and timber. It is known for a particularly vicious bite which can cause allergic reactions. Infestations can cause havoc in recreational areas.

Check First!

It's best to significantly limit your carriage of soil and potted plants. To be sure, you should have your plants checked over for evidence of any infestation by a horticulturalist before your moving date. If you find an infestation that cannot be safely treated, discard the item before your move.

For more information, contact your removalist (like Chris Watkins Furniture Transport).


24 March 2015

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