Best Types Of Blinds For The Home


When purchasing window treatments, there are factors that are considered including the light control, insulation, costs and aesthetics. These are directly affected by the type of the blind chosen for the windows in specific rooms in the home. Improvements and advances have been made in the blinds industry through the addition of technological control systems and enhanced energy efficiency. Consider these basic types of blinds that are popularly chosen by homeowners.

Roman Blinds

The Roman blinds have unique and timeless appeal that has ensured that the style continues to thrive despite its long history. These treatments are used for blocking out harsh sunlight and are ideal for use in all rooms. When closed, they form a smooth cover that does not overlap, and when opened, the pieces stack up neatly and evenly. A side chain is usually available to aid the raising and lowering mechanism of the blind, and the installation can be done inside or outside the recess of the window. The current styles are often purchased with a lining to improve light-filtering capabilities, and there is a range of colours and patterns to match the home interior décor.

Honeycomb Blinds

The honeycomb reference is related to the shape made when two pieces of the blinds come together. They are also called cellular shades, and sizes are distinguished by the dimensions of the apparent combs. The blind structure traps air between the cells, which promotes thermal and acoustic insulation. The design is associated with non-standard windows and contemporary houses. Installation of these products can be done horizontally or vertically depending on preference because they are typically very light in weight. The blinds offer different degrees of light control and there are various hues and designs to suit the homeowner's predilection.

Vertical Blinds

The vertical blinds are favoured over horizontal designs because they do not collect much dust. They are perfect for use with varied window styles, including tall casement, arch-top, fixed-glass and angular windows. They enhance the visual impact of the room by giving an illusion of greater height in the room, so this type should be strongly considered where the ceilings are low. There are different materials used for quality vertical blinds such as wood, PVC, metal and engineered materials. If you are interested in good air circulation, UV protection and easy operation mechanism, this is an ideal fit for your home. It is also important to note that the design can be used on sliding doors to discourage the entry of insects.

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4 February 2015

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