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The installation of more lighting fittings in residential property in Canberra has contributed to higher electricity expenses per household. Traditional options such as incandescent lights are no longer the top choice for homeowners because of their noted inefficiency. By purchasing better lighting technologies, you can significantly reduce your monthly electricity bill. Here are ideal products designed to provide energy-efficient light for your residential environment.

Light Emitting Diodes

The LED technology has still not been perfected but it provides quality lighting especially when compared to an alternative like halogen lighting. The products available in the local lighting market vary widely in quality and the poor brands may exaggerate their efficiency. It is important to identify the superior manufacturers in order to avoid poor service such as premature failure, irritating flickers and insufficient lighting. A good LED product will generally be about five times more efficient than traditional options and will have a lifetime of up to 40,000 hours. However, this will vary widely depending on the specific brand, so be diligent and keen when making a purchase.

Fluorescent Lighting

Fluorescent lights have gained popularity due to their enhanced efficiency. They are considerably more expensive than other forms of lighting even in the local city stores. However, the investment is worth the presented price because the estimated energy savings compared to incandescent lighting can be up to eighty percent. They can also last up to ten times longer but this is highly dependent on the manufacturer. Another great feature is the low heat emission that promotes reduced room temperature.

Compact fluorescent lights are a great choice for the living room and kitchen because the lighting is comfortable to the eyes even over long periods. The traditional screw and bayonet configurations are readily available in Canberra but more options are being designed for other atypical fittings. When buying these products, consider the variations in sizes, shapes and colour temperatures to determine the best fit. For instance, fluorescent tubes are relatively cheaper than the compact form, but they require special fittings. They can be installed in areas that have low demands such as garages.

Solar Lighting

The energy efficiency of solar powered lighting is unrivaled. Though you will have to combine it with conventional forms, the savings will still be significant. Such products can be installed outside the house as safety or decorative lights. Generally, these lights will store solar energy during the day and turn on at night. If you buy this product, consider using a battery backup to improve the lighting lifespan.

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16 January 2015

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