4 Alternative Deck Materials that Go Against the Grain

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Decking is a great way to maximise the use of your yard and make the most of the wonderful Australian climate. Traditionally, yard decks are made of polished hard woods—but that doesn't need to be the case. Innovative materials use adds to the design impact of the house and can be a good way to minimise the fire risk. Here are a few examples of other materials that you can use to building your deck.


Recycled plastic decking is a very flexible option for yard decks, coming in an almost infinite range of colours and a range of textures. The material is perfectly waterproof and does not need regularly retreating. As it is very inert it is a great option for coastal houses as it will not corrode. Plastic decking is also a very affordable option.

The downside of plastic decking is that it can discolour in the sun and tend to have a lower life span than the other materials.

Hybrid/Composite materials

Hybrid materials combine two materials into a material with some of the characteristics of each material. Plastic and wood hybrids are a popular decking material combining some of the visual characteristics of wood with the weather resistant characteristics of plastic.


Metallic decks are a smooth and modern finish, and are not common so are a great option for people looking for statement deck. The metal is often treated for corrosion resistance with steel and aluminium. Metallic decks are a mid range cost option depending on the type of metal finish chosen.

The downside of metallic decking is that it can become extremely hot in the Australian sun in summer if it's unshaded.


Glass can be a spectacular choice for safety, and in bush homes is a great way to integrate the house into it's surroundings with the natural light through the glass allowing native wildlife to continue travelling and living under the verandah. While some people get concerned over the glass breaking, by using safety glass and supports it is possible to make very sturdy glass structures.

The main downside of glass is that they will need to be refined if it gets scuffed, and glass is at a relatively high price point. Most users also treat the glass with a non-slip finish as the glass can be very slippery if slightly wet.

If you are looking to build a deck on your house it is worth getting some specialist decking builders to your house to discuss which options might suit your block.


12 January 2015

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